Public Interest Advocacy Center: Six more structural obligations

The Public Interest Advocacy Center Foundation supports the statement of the resident representative of IMF in B&H Milan Cuca in which he confirmed the existence of the Additional letter which was addresses by B&H authorities to IMF.

In the Additional letter, the Fiscal Council of B&H proposed six new structural obligations of B&H. Those six structural obligations are: to change the laws in RS in order to eliminate the protection of  salaries of the public sector employees, to implement a new law on privileged pensions in the Federation of B&H in accordance with the suggestions of the IMF staff, to sign the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury of B&H, the Ministry of Finance of the Federation of B&H and the Ministry of Finance of RS and the Central Bank, with which all payment and servicing obligations to IMF would be regulated. Further on, they need to implement the new Law on the budget of the Federation of B&H which would improve the report and control over lower levels of government, out of budget line funds and public companies and to sign a mutual memorandum of understanding between tax administration and indirect taxation administration on the exchange of data and to establish the registration of companies with only ”one stop” in RS. They estimate that this money could be better spent if it were invested in improvement of energy efficiency in B&H.

” We want to call upon institution and government authorities in B&H to publish regularly all documents important for media and its citizens on their web sites, in our language, so that all citizens can be acquainted with the decisions and obligations they have to address.” –reported from the Public Interest Advocacy Center.

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