Two Years Old Syrian Girl needs Help of Good People in Sarajevo


The story of a two-year-old Aya girl from Syria has been circulating on social networks in the hope that she and her father will be given a roof over their heads.

Namely, according to information published by one woman living in Sarajevo in the Facebook group “Zenstvena”, little Aya, unfortunately, lost her mother, and with her father was almost on the street in Sarajevo.

They have been given free accommodation but are facing the same fate. Unless someone shows up to provide them with a warm home, they might find themselves on the street again.

“Her name is Aya, two years old girl who fled Syria with her father. Her mother lost a life in Damascus (Syria) during the bombing. They are currently in Sarajevo because they cannot go on because of winter and weather. Until last night, they were on the street. My friend managed to place them in a hostel in Bascarsija where they will stay for free until the day after tomorrow – the Magaza hostel. Some money has been raised, too. If you would like to help, you can visit them personally at the Magaza hostel. The father’s name is Muhammad Abu Aya and the contact is WhatsApp +30 699 493 2733. Communication: Arabic, little bit English,” according to the status.



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