Ukrainian Delegation Visited Agency for Protection of Personal Data

li?na-karta-bih-310x223The BIH Agency for Protection of Personal Data visited today the Ukrainian Minister of Justice Aleksandar Lavrinovič and the Ukranian Ambassador to BiH Aleksandar Levčenko. They spoke with the Director of the Agency Petar Kovačević on the importance of personal data protection.

At the meeting they expressed the need to continue to improve cooperation in the mutual exchange of information and to establish closer ties at an expert level.

The meeting was imitated due to the special interests of the Ukrainian side for BiH legislation in the area of personal data protection, as well as activities of the Agency.

The BiH Agency for Personal Data Protection and the State Service of Ukraine for Protection of Personal Data, which operates within the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, signed in 2011 a Memorandum on cooperation and institutions building of systems of data protection.

Providing effective protection of personal data and privacy is important for the development and sustainability of any democratic society, as well as an added guarantee for efficient exercise of other fundamental freedoms and rights.

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