UNDP BiH Helps Development Experts of Local Laboratories

undp-1The Development Program of the United Nations in BiH (UNDP) helped local laboratories to established analytical methods for testing residue in food with the financial assistance of the British government. This is an important step in the process of receiving a license for the export of animal products to the EU.

The development expertise of local laboratories received greater significance when it is taken into account that the EU officially approved a monitoring program of residue for poultry, milk, eggs and honey in BiH.

The adoption of such a decision is the first step in the process of obtaining a license for export of these products in EU countries, and residue monitoring would be verified only by qualified and accredited laboratories that are capable of conducting an analysis in accordance with EU standards.

Through the project “Support for the Road Map for Export of Products of Animal and Plant Origin to the EU” and “Training Laboratory in the System of Food Control” provided the technical assistance in establishing five new methods to the standards of the EU, which enables BiH producers to test a part of their products in the country.

This enables an enhanced implementation of the state plan of residue control within BIH, which would result in increased revenue in BiH laboratories.

However, to achieve this final goal, state and entity institutions in the next period should lend greater support to the activities of strengthening the capacity of laboratories, and accelerate adjustment of the legal framework.

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