Unemployed Mothers could soon receive a 405 BAM monthly Fee?

If the new law on child protection in Republika Srpska (RS) is adopted, the maternity allowance instead of the previous 70 BAM per month, will amount to 405 BAM.

The right to this amount will be given to any woman in labor, who is unemployed at the time of birth, regardless of her family’s property status.

Maternity allowance will be given in a period of 12 months, to an unemployed mother, provided she is resident of the RS at least one year before child birth, and for twins and every third and following child, it will be given in the period of 18 months.

On the day of the birth, mother has to be regularly registered in the RS Employment Service.

In order for the Public Fund for Pediatric Protection finance the extended right to maternity allowance, it was suggested to change the amount of compulsory contribution for child protection, ie its nominal increase by 0.2%, while reducing the amount of unemployment insurance contributions.

“Such a change, according to the estimates of the competent authorities, will not harm the financing of rights from the unemployment insurance domain, because in that amount the RS Employment Service achieves a surplus, “ they say from the entity government.

The Child Protection Act was proposed for adoption in an urgent procedure, along with the 2018 Budget and the Economic Reform Program by 2020.

The reasons for the adoption of the Child Protection Act in an urgent procedure, are contained in the need to establish equal status of the unemployed and employed mothers, as soon as possible, as stated by the entity government.



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