UNESCO Director-General is the Sponsor the International Sarajevo Winter Festival


UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azouley is the sponsor the 36th International Sarajevo Winter 2020 Festival, which will be held from February 7 to March 21 next year under the motto “Time for you: Pick Up Art “.

Sarajevo Winter Festival Director Ibrahim Spahic stated that “the world’s most significant sponsor for the Sarajevo Winter Festival” is an incentive for all participants to pursue supreme affirmation of cultural diversity through art and encounters of world civilizations.

“This exceptional recognition of Sarajevo Winter Festival has been awarded 26 times in a row and is truly a tribute to the artists, audiences, media and organizers who present a unique creative and innovative manifestation of creativity in Sarajevo and BiH, Europe and the world. We are proud to announce that the Olympic Fire will shine on the Planet of Arts from Sarajevo on February 7 at the Susan Sontag Square in front of the National Theater of Sarajevo and announce the Sarajevo Culture Olympics in 2021,” the Press Center of the Festival announced.

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