Unions in BiH call for an urgent Increase of Salaries

Representatives of the Association of Employers of the Federation of BiH  and 19 branch unions agree that an urgent increase is needed not only the minimum, but also all other salaries in the FBiH, it was announced after today’s meeting in Sarajevo.

However, both delegations have a number of questions regarding the proposed law on the minimum wage sent to the FBiH Economic and Social Council, which is why it was agreed to send a joint letter to the federal government and parliament asking for a statement on the problems identified in the bill.

The letter asks for an opinion on whether there is a constitutional competence of the FBiH Government and Parliament to propose and pass the law on the minimum wage, and whether the text of the law on the minimum wage is harmonized with the Law on Federal Ministries and other Federal Administration Bodies, labor laws, contributions, income tax and other laws in force in the FBiH.

If the Government and the Parliament of FBiH submit adequate answers to the submitted inquiry, the representatives of employers and trade unions are ready to immediately schedule a session of the Economic and Social Council of the Federation, otherwise the procedure for determining the constitutionality of this law will be requested.

The meeting agreed on the position that will be proposed to the FBiH Government that, instead of passing the law on the minimum wage, amendments to the regulation on the methodology for calculating and determining the minimum wage in the FBiH enable an increase in the minimum wage in the Federation.

Once again, the common position was emphasized that it is necessary to reduce the burden on labor costs as soon as possible, because this is where the largest reserve for increasing the minimum wage in the FBiH is located.

Representatives of the Trade Union of Judicial and Education Workers of the Republika Srpska (RS) signed an agreement yesterday on a higher price of work with line ministers. The price of labor was increased from 100 BAMto 110, which practically means a salary increase of ten percent, BHRT weites.

Anton Kasipovic, the Minister of Justice of the RS, pointed out that the price of labor will be applied for the calculation of salaries from May this year, and that he is ready to discuss a hot meal and end-of-year bonus for judicial employees.

“I am satisfied that we managed to reach an agreement, and I hope that by the end of this year we will be able to further increase salaries in the judiciary,” told Kasipovic.

The Minister of Education and Culture of the RS, Natalija Trivic, noted that already at the beginning of next month, employees in education and culture can expect incomes to increase by 10%.

The President of the Trade Union of Education, Science,and Culture of Srpska, Dragan Gnjatic, expressed satisfaction with yesterday‘s signing of decisions on increasing the price of labor and stated that he would continue to work on improving the financial status of workers in education, science, and culture.

“In the future period, we expect that our requirements regarding the equalization of payment coefficients with other budget users will be met and that we will especially express the fees for hot meals and end-of-year-bonus to the already existing situation, ie to the already existing coefficients,” said Gnjatic.

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