Unique Adrenaline Park opened in Sarajevo

Adrenaline park was opened on Saturday in the complex of Safet Zajko Center in Sarajevo in the presence of a large number of children and parents.

In addition to the towers where rock climbing is located, adrenaline sports lovers will also have nine aerial attractions with various obstacles. The barriers are set up so that the existing trees connect to the two towers and there is also a zip line.

Semir Efendic, Mayor of Novi Grad Sarajevo Municipality, where the park is located, explained that after a long period of time, new contents were opened at the Safet Zajko Center.

Efendic explained that the adrenalin park is the first of its kind in Sarajevo, and that it respects European standards for adrenaline parks.

“We have a lot of facilities here for our youngest, a lot of playgrounds, and this is something for adults, for teens,” said Efendic, adding that this adrenaline park is for the ones who want to get rid of stress.

“Adrenaline attractions are known to appeal to tourists around the world. We started the project last year and it costed about 56,000 BAM,” Efendic said.

The rescue exercise was performed by the team of the Mountain Rescue Service Novi Grad and Fahrudin Dobraca, the leader of the GSS Novi Grad team, said they care for the safety of all participants, news portal reports.

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