Universal Children’s Day

Today’s date is celebrated around the world as the Universal Children’s Day, with the aim of

sensitizing the public on the need to protect the children from abuse, violence and various

forms of discrimination. United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the

Rights of Children on the 20th November 1959 and the Convention on the Right of Children

in 1989.

From the Office of the Ombudsman for children of Republika Srpska it is emphasized

how the UN Convention on the rights of Children, as the universal international document

dedicated to children, is the expression of the need to provide special protection and care to

the children. This is pointed out because the existing system of protection and freedoms of

citizens, on the international level, is not enough guarantee for the protection and freedom of


”The rights of children, as determined by the Convention, are only the needs of every

child which are different in different periods of their upbringing. Because of this, it is of

great importance that the needs of every child, in every period of their life and upbringing

stay acknowledged, so they could be secured and provided in the family, school, or the

community. The rights that children have do not mean that children can do whatever they

want, that they are overprotected and that by learning their rights they have the right to

neglect their duties. Children have their duties and responsibilities in accordance with their

age and their ability to assume obligations and responsibilities”- it was said in the Office of

the Ombudsman for children.

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