Fourth of December: The deadline for adoption of the budget ?

 The Fiscal Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina agreed at yesterday’s meeting that the deadline for adoption of the budget at the state and entity parliaments is the fourth of December, after which the Executive Board of the IMF in Washington could give a positive evaluation of the first implementation of the standby arrangement.

Fiscal Council of B&H concluded that the Council of Ministers and entity governments have made a step forward in fiscal consolidation and that the projected budget for 2013 is in line with the commitments undertaken under the Letter of Intent.

The Members of the Fiscal Council and the delegation of the IMF, discussed in the continuation of the session the amendment to the Letter of Intent in order to improve the coordination of politics and to ensure the fiscal sustainability and improvement of public sector reforms.

On the sixth session of the Fiscal Council, along with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Fiscal Council Vjekoslav Bevanda, and the Minister of Finance and Treasury Nikola Špirić, there was also the Federal Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić, the Finance Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ante Krajina and the Central Bank’s Governor Kemal Kozarić.

Via video-link, the session was also attended by the Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska Aleksandar Džombić and the Minister of Finance of Republika Srpska, Zoran Tegeltija.


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