The premiere of the show ”Klovnologija”

On the occasion of the European Week for Waste Reduction and the International Children’s Day (20.11.), the Association of Dramatic Artists ” Altteatar” will show a premiere of the children’s drama ”Klovnologija”. This is a new theatrical treat intended for the youngest viewers. The show is amusing, witty and ”environmentally-friendly”.

The show introduces two happy clowns, who through a series of situations introduce the youngest viewers to their basic principles of preserving the environment. The roles of the clowns are played by new generations of actors. The two clowns are being performed by Alisa Ćajić and Emir Fejzić, while the authors of the theatrical piece are Adnan Lugonjić and Mario Drmać.

The premiere of ” Klovnologija” will be shown on the 20th November, 2012, at 6 p.m., on the stage of the Franciscan International Student Center, Kovačići, Zagrebačka Street, number 18.

The Association of Dramatic Artists ”Altteatar” has contributed in the past several years to the overall theatrical program in Sarajevo, and we may also say, across the country. The Association of Dramatic Artists has contributed to the development of the educational process of children, where they through theatrical acts try to educate and reveal the importance and power of creative expression. The Association has participated on several important festivals, such as PIF Zagreb, Meetings of Puppet Theatres in Bugojno B&H, MESS, and Days of B&H in Lion, Theater Zvezdarište Belgrade, and Golden Sparkle in Kragujevac.

The Association of Dramatic artists ” Altteatar” had received numerous awards and recognition, which are only a confirmation of the quality of this association and the work of the ”Altteatar’, their devotion and their professional responsibility to make a theater for children which is characterized by progressive creative and artistic achievements.


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