University Clinical Centre RS has Oxygen for Two more Days

Although the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Bosnia and Herzegovina has issued a license for the import and sale of medical oxygen to “Krajinagrupa” from Banja Luka, the problem with the supply of oxygen still persists.

This morning, another tank from the Sarajevo supplier Messer arrived at the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska, but the quantity is enough for two days.

The UCC confirmed that the contract with Tehnogas, which does not have a license, has not been terminated yet, which is why it cannot procure directly from “Krajinagroup” or Messer.

“In recent days, oxygen has been coming to healthcare facilities exclusively thanks to donors. This morning, the tanker arrived two hours before the lack of oxygen at the UCC, which we asked donors to procure for us, because we formally cannot. The tank is enough for two days and we are in trouble again,”says the director of the UCC RS and adds that because of that he asked for urgent intervention of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health.

He suggested, he says, that the Medicines Agency give “Tehnogas” a deadline to procure the necessary documentation.

The UCC has not yet terminated the contract on the supply of oxygen with the company TGT Tehnogas, which does not have a permit. The BiH Medicines Agency recently issued a permit to Krajinagroup from Banja Luka for the import and trade of medical oxygen, but the UCC cannot negotiate oxygen supplies with them or with Sarajevo’s Messer, because it has not signed contracts.

The director of the Agency for Medicines of BiH, Aleksandar Zolak, claims that they cannot give a marketing permit to “Tehnogas”, because it has logistics for technical gas. He adds that preconditions have been created for the uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen.

The hospital in Gradiska also has a problem with the supply of medical oxygen, because the stocks are running low. Today, they re-announced the negotiation procedure, because they annulled the previous ones due to incomplete documentation of the company “Messer”. “, said Zolak.

“We are procuring and expecting a contingent from Messer through the purchase order. I hope that we will be able to bridge it until we officially get a supplier with all the regular papers,” said the director of the hospital in Gradiska, Rajko Dodik.

Hospital directors point out that solving this burning problem exceeds their capabilities and expect an immediate reaction from the Prime Minister and other ministers, BHRT writes.

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