Vaccination of Migrants has begun in BiH

( Amar Mehić – Anadolu Agency )

Vaccination against the coronavirus of migrants and refugees has begun at the Temporary Reception Center Borici in Bihac, for which about 60 AstraZeneca vaccines have been provided from the Bihac Health Center.

“The teams of our Health Center are in the center of Borici and the vaccination is going smoothly. Vaccination of this population is planned for next week in the Lipa Reception Center, for which we have provided 250 doses of vaccines “, said Ademir Jusufagić, director of the Bihać Health Center.

Vaccination of the migrant population is a joint project of several institutions.

“Vaccination is a joint project of the Service for Foreigners Affairs of BiH, the Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health of Una-Sana Canton, local health centers and the DRC Organization,” said Mirsad Buzar, Deputy Director of the Service for Foreigners Affairs of BiH.

After Borici, the vaccination of persons on the move begins in the Private Center Miral in Velika Kladusa, then in the Private Center Lipa, after which the project will be realized in the Sarajevo Canton, BHRT writes.

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