Vaccination Proccess of Doctors at Sarajevo Hospital officially began Today

This morning, the vaccination of employees in the Covid departments of the General Hospital “Prim. dr. Abdulah Nakas ”Sarajevo began. Dr. Ednan Drljevic was the first to be vaccinated, and then Ismet Gavrankaptanovic.

These are 170 doses of vaccines, which were recently donated by Serbia, and which were delivered to the General Hospital through the Institute of Public Health of the Sarajevo Canton, it was announced from this hospital.

AstraZeneca vaccines will be given to healthcare professionals from the Covid department, as the quantities in the first shipment are not sufficient for all interested employees.

Gavrankapetanovic pointed out that this is an important day for the employees of the General Hospital.

“Employees who are with COVID patients every day will be vaccinated today. I also want to thank the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, for donating vaccines “, said Gavrankapetanovic.

He warned that the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic is still very difficult.

“The virus has exploded in the last seven days. These are hard days. Once again, I want to call on the population to be extremely careful, because that will help us keep the health care system stable. We will, God willing, overcome this, but we need patience “, said Gavrankapetanovic.

Drljevic expressed his gratitude to all those who provided the vaccines. “I would like to thank everyone for finally ending this agony mentally and I hope that now that stress will be less. This vaccination is organized according to the criteria of our Institute and according to these criteria, the first are those who are constantly with COVID patients and ranked by age, so I was the first to receive the vaccine according to these criteria “, said Drljevic and added: “I have said before that all vaccines are equally reliable. We have in writing from the cabinet of the neighboring state that we will receive the second dose of the vaccine within the deadline and that we will perform the revaccination. ”

He emphasized that the competent institutions should make the necessary efforts for the state to receive vaccines. “Vaccination must be carried out in as many numbers as possible in the shortest possible time. This agony lasts for thirteen months and if there is no vaccine, this situation mentally affects people terribly. I must say that all these structures, both the Federation of BiH and the state, should be actively involved, “said Drljevic.

Vaccination is performed by medical teams from the General Hospital. Six teams have been formed for this purpose, and the immunization is planned to be completed today. The Office of the President of Serbia has announced an additional dose for revaccination, which will follow in eight to 12 weeks.

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