Valuable Project of Meat Export from Tuzla Airport offered to Chinese Investors

The project of investment in meat exports through the International Airport of Tuzla was presented last week to representatives of the largest Chinese state-owned company. This is a 1.5 billion USD worth project, and the management of China State Construction Engineering Corporation will decide on everything.

All of this is still on the level of idea, and if representatives from China make a positive decision, they will start with concrete planning of finances and works. The feasibility study needs to follow projects whose value amounts to several hundreds of millions of USD, including this case.

“We at the International Airport Tuzla estimated that if everything goes as planned, it should cost about 500 million USD. The project includes several segments, but it is basically about the export of goods of animal origin from the International Airport of Tuzla to the countries of the Middle East and Western Europe. Investor would be the carries of the project, that is, a financial house, and carriers of the development of the project would be the airline that would conduct the transportation, the IAT, farm, slaughterhouse and technical support,” stated the director of the International Airport Tuzla, Rifet Karasalihovic.

All of the aforementioned activities would include construction of cattle breeding facilities, as well as several interventions on the airport.

“We would have to make cooling storage unit, or refrigerators, which would be able to take about 150 to 250 tons of meat on a daily basis. We planned about 100 farms, each of them having about 250 cattle. All of that is needed for the export of about 150 tons of meat on a daily basis, because that is the amount that would make us serious on the market,” said Karasalihovic.

He said that an amount of 50 tons per day is not enough, since only a larger amount and continuous supply and export can attract an airline to stay on the IAT and thus reduce costs.

”If Chinese give us positive response, we would start with the implementation by segments. The goal is to create the conditions for future co-operative to work, produce and sell the meat to a known customer, i.e. to the exporting company,” stated director of the airport.











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