Veliko and Crno Lake on Treskavica will leave you breathless

Treskavica LakeTreskavica is the highest mountain in Sarajevo with its 2088 meters, and with its lakes and, as legend states 365 springs, it is also probably the most beautiful one.

Among 365 springs, which Treskavica has according to the legend, there are springs of even five rivers. On Treskavica are springs of Zeljeznica River, Bistrica River, Ljuta River, Bijela River and Rakitnica River.

The most beautiful pearl of the untouched nature on Treskavica are its lakes. Veliko and Crno Lake stand out among all the others. The most beautiful is Veliko Lake, which is 220 meters long, 185 meters wide, and 6 meters deep. It is located at an altitude of 1548 meters. Just 700 meters away and over 100 meters higher is located the second pearl of the mountain, Crno Lake.

Besides Veliko and Crno Lake, the others Treskavica lakes are also well known, such as Bijelo Lake, Platno Lake, and Malo Lake. These lakes are coming from glaciers,  surrounding springs, and streams, and they represent the most visible traces of the ice age in this beautiful mountain near Sarajevo.

The climate on Treskavica is real mountain climate, and above this mountain near Sarajevo are colliding southern, Mediterranean and northern currents, and you can often experience all four seasons in one day on this mountain. It is also well-known after its endemic species, the Bosnian lily.

Inaccessible terrain and inability to arrive by private car to this beautiful pearl, as well as a large part of the unclean terrain from mines, saved this beauty from the biggest polluter of the 21st century – a human.

A day at Treskavica Mountain, far away from the biggest polluter of the planet Earth – human being, is the experience that you will remember for a long time and that we recommend to everyone. Escape to the beautiful nature of Treskavica Mountain is one of the best ways to escape from everyday stress and hectic lifestyle, and rest and peace come as a reward.


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