BiH recorded the most positive Economic Parameters in 2016

parameters economyThe Council of Ministers of BiH adopted the Report for 2016 in which was stated that BiH recorded the most positive economic parameters in the last year, in comparison to the last decade.

The majority of revenues was collected, and with the lowest indebtedness in the region and the largest increase in the number of employees, the Council of Ministers of BiH managed to make European process in BiH significantly more dynamic, which resulted in getting the Questionnaire of the European Commission to prepare the opinion on the application for membership of BiH to the EU with 3242 questions.

Activities of BiH on fulfilling the conditions from Tallinn with the aim of activating the Membership Action Plan (MAP) were intensified, where the progress was achieved since from  63 prospective military sites, a total of 25 locations of military facilities located in the FBiH were enrolled.

Last year, the Council of Ministers of BiH held a total of 63 sitting at which they discussed a total of 1,146 points and prepared 1411 conclusions. They established 19 law proposals, adopted 7 strategies and 13 action plans, they made 283 decisions, adopted 25 ordinances, established 91 contract proposals, agreements, protocols and memorandum and the basis for conclusions of international agreements. Also, the Council of Ministers of BiH in this period, among other things, determined 66 draft decisions on the ratification of international agreements, adopted 190 information from different areas as well as 133 reports.

The Council of Ministers of BiH continued with the implementation of measures from the Reform Agenda in 2016, and its realization is currently 53 %. These are measures that are the responsibility of the Council of Ministers of BiH, which means that of 34 measures from the Action Plan, 18 measures were fully implemented by the end of 2016, while a large number of measures are continuously in the process of implementation.

For the first time was adopted medium-term debt management strategy at the state level, and the Strategy in the field of migration and asylum policy and the Action Plan for the period 2016-2020 was adopted as well-


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