Video that proves why Sarajevo is unique in the World

sarajevoIf you head towards Baščaršija in Sarajevo along the Ferhadija Street, you will find one very special place.

From this place, when you look to the east you will see the buildings of Ottoman architecture that make Sarajevo recognizable in the world.

However, if you turn to the opposite side, it feels as if you are in another city – urban landscape consisting of buildings from the Austro-Hungarian period.

This is the point where east and west meet, literally.

On one side there is the Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Bazaar, Slatko Ćoše, Sarači, dozens of stores, scents of Orient. On the opposite side there is Ferhadija, famous promenade between buildings with dominant decorations.

As of recently, this point has been marked with the sign “Sarajevo – Meeting place of cultures” which attracts attention of many passersby. When looking from above to this point, this is what you can see:


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