Vispak continues the Tradition: 12 Years of the Guinness Dzezva marked in Mostar

vispak(16)Yesterday was marked the 12th anniversary of the establishment of the Guinness record of the largest coffee pot in the world and entering in the most popular book of world attraction as part of “the 450th jumps from the Old Bridge”.

Twelve years ago under the Old Bridge in Mostar during the jumps from the Old Bridge, a total of 650 liters of ‘Zlatna dzezva’ coffee had been made in the largest pot in the world and the citizens of Mostar drank 8000 cups of real Bosnian coffee. This year also, the Guinness dzezva has attracted great attention of tourists, as stated from Vispak.

“Vispak’s largest coffee pot in the world has become a traditional part of the jumps from the Old Bridge. It is important for us that we are here today and that we could give our contribution to this great event. The largest coffee pot in the world has become a trademark of Bosnian tradition and cultural heritage. ‘Dzezva’ is a regular guest of almost all cultural events in BiH and abroad. The last such event was in May this year, when on the invitation of BH state institutions, Vispak giant coffee pot and drinking of Bosnian coffee at the Prešernov Square in Ljubljana were part of the program of marking the Day of BiH in this city”, said Armin Hodzic, Head of Marketing and Sales for Vispak Ltd Visoko.

For a single charge of a giant coffee pot takes about 65 kilograms of coffee. The largest coffee pot in the world was made in the summer of 2004 under the hammer of Bascarsija master Nasir Jabucar and his assistants.

(Source: nap.ba)

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