Vlasic Mountain offers Outdoor Parties for the New Year

The celebration of the New Year will be held on Vlasic mountain, and the party will take place outdoors, was stated by organizers of the Association of hotel owners and Tourist Board of Central Bosnia Canton.

U razgovoru za menadžer hotela “Pahuljica” Sead Deljkić ističe kako su svi smještajni kapaciteti do polovine januara rezervisani te da se popunjava i druga polovina prvog mjeseca u godini.

“Uvjeti na Vlašiću su bolji nego prethodnih godina čime su i gosti zadovoljniji. Vrijeme nam više ide u korist nego prošlih godina, a mi se trudimo napraviti bolje programe i sadržaje tokom zime kako bi imali što bolji ugođaj na našoj planini”, govori Deljkić.

In the interview for news portal, manager of hotel “Pahuljica” Sead Deljkic points out that all accommodation capacities are booked until half of January.

“The conditions at Vlasic are better than in previous years, so the guests are more satisfied, and the weather is more in favor than in the past years, and we will try to make better programs during the winter season in order to have a better atmosphere on the mountain,” says Deljkic.

He emphasized “Sankanje”, an event that officially opens the season in the Central Bosnia Canton, and which also attracts a great number of guests every year. Deljkic also pointed out on the fact that some 13,000 accommodation facilities are booked on Vlasic mountain for New Year’s Eve.

“The New Year’s program will be held in all hotels and restaurants, as well as outdoors where guests will have fun with DJs and the fireworks,” said Deljkic.

Vlasic is one of the favorite places for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for the first day of the new year, thousands will spend their free time on fresh air, enjoying skiing, s, drinking hot drinks or walking.

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