Vojin Mijatovic: The Flag of BiH will bring Freedom to everyone

“A lot of people like Dodik, Covic, and Izetbegovic have passed through Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and it survived! It will survive once again!”

The Vice President of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in BiH, Vojin Mijatovic, pointed out last night, as a guest in the Central Daily with Senad Hadzifejzovic.

“Patriots are all those who are ready to sacrifice themselves for this state and people, without benefiting from it. No one has the right to teach me lessons in patriotism. Someone wonders whether Senad is a patriot or is Vojin a patriot! Senad is my brother! Some people from Sarajevo think that Bosnia is only from Marijin-Dvor to Bascarsija! Everyone is shocked that Vojin is doing this – because I don’t want to leave them a state, “Mijatovic explained last night.

According to him, we have now “received an invoice for the selection of bad authorities for two decades”.

He also believes that our diplomacy is catastrophic and has no influence: “Enough of party toadies, give us stronger personnel. Germany would not allow it to retreat in front of the Hungarians and Dodik. Individual sanctions will be imposed by the largest European Union (EU) countries, and not only on Dodik.”

He emphasized that the Election Law reform “will not happen before the New Year”, and he also mentioned that the ‘withdrawal’ of the so-called Inzko law (provisions he imposed on punishing genocide denial in BiH) will not happen.

Also, he added that people in Banja Luka are starting to return to the flag of BiH and BiH identity: “No one was killed under the BiH flag, no crimes were committed, and nothing ugly happened. No one was endangered under the BiH flag but under the flags of national leaders. The BiH flag will bring freedom to everyone. We just need fair and correct elections and we will get rid of our problems. Dodik will fall in a fair and honest election!

It is also interesting that commenting on the academy which was held in Banja Luka, he said that they invited all ambassadors to BiH to this ceremony, but none of them came.

In the end, he noted:

“There are no Serbs, Croats, and Bosniaks who will fight for these! I will not let it happen! The war they are calling for will not happen… I will be the first to come to Sarajevo and let them shoot on me. People do not want what the government and foreigners impose. People are scared. Dodik will not leave with millions because prison awaits him! I ask how much is enough for him and what he will do with millions.



Source: Radio Sarajevo


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