The Pandemic reached its Peak, will the new Measures be introduced in BiH?

The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic will not be the last blow of this global plague. Many countries are closing again, a new even more dangerous omicron variant of COVID is coming, and the health authorities in our country are not taking any action, as if they are aware that it will certainly be late.

The main feature of the fight against the pandemic of many countries in our region, Croatia, Serbia, and especially Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), was the delay in taking the necessary measures. The pandemic hit us completely unprepared, and a cynic would wonder if there was anything that hit us when we were ready.

There is an untold incident from the day when we recorded the first case of coronavirus infection about how the head of the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) assured the journalists that he had no jurisdiction over the pandemic, that the FUCZ was in charge of fires and floods, and when it comes to the virus, medical workers should be addressed to.

Twenty months later, the readiness to fight the opponent that is still present is negligibly higher, the caution of the wider masses is incomparably less, and the presence of the anti-vaccine factor is becoming increasingly important. In addition to all that, the percentage of vaccinated people never exceeds the devastating 22 percent.

The only pandemic thesis present in our society is the announcement of the introduction of the “VPT” rule (vaccinated, recovered, or tested) on December 20th, and only in the Federation of BiH (FBiH). Austria and Germany did it half a year ago, and today they are on the verge of a new lockdown and the introduction of compulsory vaccination (Austria has already decided that from February 1st next year, everyone will have to be vaccinated).

Knowing that the measures we introduce are usually only belatedly copied from Western models, this time the question arises why wait and why not do something on time at least once ?!

These days, the main news of the world media is the appearance of a new and even more contagious omicron strain. Not much is known about it yet, but there is enough information that made the world’s largest countries restrict entry from the South African region where the strain was first discovered. Why is the BiH Council of Ministers not doing what the governments of the United States (U.S.), Great Britain, and many countries have already done?

BiH is still the third in the world in the number of deaths from the consequences of the infection, which undoubtedly calls into question the quality of hospital care for severe cases. Only Peru and Bulgaria are ahead of us. Enough reason to do something as soon as possible.



Source: Klix.ba


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