Waiting Period up to 2 Hours on the Exit from B&H at BC Doljani

granicaIn most parts of B&H traffic is occasionally enhanced, especially on the roads leading to the south of the country.

According to Border Police of B&H, waiting period is up to 2 hours on the exit of B&H at BC Doljani, and about one hour at BC Ivanica.

At BC Bosanska Gradiška at the entrance in B&H waiting period is for about 40 minutes.

Entry of vehicles in B&H at BC Doljani is increased, as well as the exit of vehicles at BC Gabela Polje and BC Bosanski Brod where waiting period is up to half an hour.

There are no longer retentions at the other border crossings.

Due to the construction works at the BC Gorica – Vinjani Donji and on BC Brčko – Gunja, the traffic ban for trucks is brought into the force, as announced from BIHAMK.


(Source: klix.ba)

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