Waste Treatment Project Presented

poslovni_forum_bih_i_italije-3The Italian Consortium ‘Drvo Grupa” presented yesterday in Sarajevo at the Business Forum BiH-Italy a waste water treatment project worth 150 million euros. The realization of this project would open 1.000 new work places.

President of the Consortium Ticijana dal Pin said before the start of the conference that it is a pilot project that is being implemented for the first time in the world, a waste treatment of any kind and its transformation into energy, raw materials and finished product that could be placed on the market.

She explained that the consortium intends to build a large landfill waste in BiH and with it an industrial zone that is necessary for this material to be revised.

“The project will be realized with the BiH institutions, Sarajevo “Energoinvest”, and the FBiH and two cantons are included”, added dal Pin.

According to her, the realization of the project will open 1.000 new jobs, of which some workers will undergo special training.

She added that the first works would be tied to location, which should be known today and to start before the summer.

Pin noted that this consortium is interested in the agri-food sector and crafts field.

She said that at today’s forum companies and members of the consortium that deal with consulting, construction, metallurgy, huge infrastructure ventures and management will participate at the forum.

Members of the consortium, which is more than 50, come from 17 different sectors and work in Africa, Brazil, Canada, the US and for the first time today in BiH.

“I hope that this experience will be fruitful for BiH and for Italy. Our intention is to be in BiH for a long time, to work and produce together with its citizens’’, she said.


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