Website on Integration of BiH to NATO Launched

The Commission for BiH’s integration in NATO launched a website on the integration of BiH in NATO, which would disseminate quality and up-to-date information of all aspects of BiH’s integration to NATO.

The website is www.bihnato.com

The Commission wishes to start a public discussion in this area and to contribute to a quality exchange of arguments and positions because it believes that citizens and some representatives of the institutions are not sufficiently informed on what NATO represents, its role in the 21st century and how BiH can contribute to NATO.

NATO’s website on the NATO integration process in BiH will inform the public on the primary basis on which NATO and BiH’s integration was founded, present a historiography and structure of NATO, the way in which it functions and the development process of BiH’s NATO integration.

The website will have current events and inform citizens and institutions in connection with different views on all aspects of the NATO integration process.

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