What do the Deposits of the BH Citizens in Banks amount to?

Increased Deposits in Banks radiosarajevo.baAccording to the data of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, total deposits of citizens at commercial banks in B&H amount to 9.62 billion BAM, which is the highest amount of deposits ever recorded here.

In the total amount of deposits at commercial banks in B&H, deposits of the citizens have by far the largest share of 60 percent.

“Citizens in B&H continuously find ways of increasing their deposits, despite the fact that salaries and other incomes do not record significant increase. Thereby, compared with the situation at the end of September last year, the deposits increased by as much as 719 million BAM or 8.1 percent. If a comparison is made with the situation with deposits of the citizens at the end of December 2008, i.e. since the moment of the beginning of global crisis, constant increase is evident at an annual level in the range between eight and 15 percent, which resulted in cumulative increase of deposits by 4.41 billion BAM or 84.8 percent. This is an indicator of established trust in the banking sector and its stability, and also a result of the existence of a system of insured deposits which has been successfully tested during the past year, thereby providing adequate protection of depositors”, stated the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
(Source: vijesti.ba)

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