How much is allocated for Renting Embassy Premises in Zagreb and Belgrade?

zagrebMinister of Foreign Affairs of B&H Igor Crnadak said that Bosnia and Herzegovina has a total of 56 diplomatic and consular offices in the world – 44 embassies, six permanent missions within international organizations, and six general consulates.

Crnadak especially highlighted the importance of economic diplomacy, regional cooperation, and work on the improvement of the image of B&H.

When asked what the role of diplomatic and consular offices in strengthening economic ties with other countries is, Crnadak responded that a small number of bilateral visits on a high level of diplomacy do not have this content incorporated within, and that diplomats can have a great influence regarding the strengthening of economic ties.

“Only if we are successful in implementing reforms all together and if we manage to create a better business ambience, greater expression in this field might also occur”, Crnadak said.

Crnadak said that 234,699.60 BAM are allocated annually for renting the premises of the BH embassies in Belgrade and Zagreb.

“Less than five years ago a plan was adopted by the Council of Ministers according to which a total of 800,000 EUR have been approved for one destination, and equal amount for the other. If we had bought the facilities in Belgrade and Zagreb, if we had done it in time, between 600,000 and 700,000 BAM would have been saved”, Crnadak added.

(Source: klix.ba)

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