What is agreed at the Meeting of Three Major Parties in BiH?

President of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izetbegovic held a brief press conference after the meeting with HDZ and SNSD leaders Dragan Covic and Milorad Dodik, saying that he believes there is a chance to reach an agreement and sign “a certain document with the principles of action in this mandate that would allow the appointment of a prime minister designate for the Council of Ministers of BiH”.

“I am not sure that we will be able to harmonize it, but we will have a proposal by the end of this week,” said Izetbegovic.

On the issue of construction of the motorway on the Sarajevo-Belgrade route, he said that he believes there is a good chance to start building this year.

However, regarding the allocation of ministries, Izetbegovic said that they failed to reach an agreement today, but, that all interlocutors presented in which ministry they are interested, “so, they need to further harmonize their positions”.

When it comes to the potential partner in power and whether it is clear who will join the coalition with SDA at the state and FBiH levels, Izetbegovic said that “things are moving slowly forward, and it will be the ones who do not refuse to join the government, because, for now, the BH bloc has had a firm stance that it will not enter into coalition with us.”

“We did not reach an agreement on a key detail regarding the activation of the MAP with NATO, but it is well known that the Croat and Bosniak parties are in favor of MAP activation, and that the Serb representatives are against it. We will try to harmonize this matter and find some way out of this deadlock, but unfortunately we did not succeed today,” Izetbegovic said, adding that Republika Srpska definitely has the right to its political attitude in this regard.

“But he added, this does not mean that the Serb representatives cannot change those laws if there is sufficient number of votes in the state parliament. It is possible to adopt what Republika Srpska is interested in, as it has its representatives at all levels and it can bring up this issue in such a way.”

Asked about the appointment of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Izetbegović said that they will try to harmonize a document that would satisfy the views of all three parties.

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