What is Number of Millionaires in BiH?

Montenegro has a total of 54 millionaires and the richest among them have savings deposit that amounts to 14 million EUR.

At the end of last year, 54 citizens of Montenegro had deposits of one million EUR or more. According to the available data submitted by the banks, the largest single deposit of citizens in the banking system amounted to 13.7 million EUR.

It is unknown who are the owners of millions of EUR of savings deposits because it is not allowed to reveal this information by the law, as said from the Central Bank.

The largest single deposit of a company was around 56 million EUR, while the number of millionaires in banks is changing from year to year, and media recalled that in the second half of 2015 there were 53 of them. The largest deposits of physical persons in Montenegro amounted to 4.13 million EUR, while 140 companies have deposits of more than one million EUR.

Like today, back then, there were no billionaires in Montenegro. That year, there were 1,750 people who had more than 100,000 EUR on their accounts, with the total value of deposits of 446.5 million EUR.

The media also reported that countries of the region can boast with a large number of millionaires in relation to the population, and last year, around 600 people in BiH had savings larger than one million BAM.


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