What will be the Destiny of Former Giant “Lasta”?


The current manager of Lasta Capljina Company made a public call for the sale of the property of this company, BiznisInfo website stated.

Real estate, namely facilities and land around are being sold, including a business complex – production facility, administrative building and company’s equipment.

The initial selling price is 11.476.300 BAM, and the property cannot be sold below this amount.

In October this year, Sarajevo Times wrote that Lasta” company, once a giant in the production of biscuits, has started its production after two years again. The first tea rings are being produced again, and the bankruptcy management is working on finding a new strategic partner.

The area around the factory and production halls should be first cleaned, after which the additional machines should be started, Bosa Sutalo told to Nasa TV.

“We have all disinfected and started to produce tea rings, which is the first product to come to the market, and we are continuing to expand our range to reach the one we had two years ago, “said Sutalo.

Over time, requirements changed, packaging became smaller and more luxurious, but quality and distinctiveness remained the same.

Earlier, “Lasta” employed more than a thousand workers. Currently, the company employs 25 workers, and the goal is to employ 150 new workers as well as find a strategic buyer.

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