When the Completion of Works on the Section of the Highway through FBiH is expected? (Video)

Yesterday, the journalist team visited the construction sites of the highway on Corridor 5C, subsection Tarcin – Ivan, in order to record the dynamics with which the works on this section are taking place.

According to what they have seen, the works on the Tarcin – Ivan subsection are in full swing, with a total length of 6.9 kilometers.

The subsection consists of two parts: LOT 1, which is 4.9 kilometers long and starts from Tarcin to the entrance to the Ivan tunnel, and LOT 2, which is the Ivan tunnel itself, 1.760 meters long, with parts of an open route and is 150 meters long.

One of the projects of LOT 1 is the bridge Rastelica 2, 610 meters long, which with its 19 spans bridges the main road and the wider valley.

The Ivan tunnel, 4.9 km long, comes after LOT 1, so the total length of the Tarcin – Ivan subsection is 6.9 km. This subsection is along to the connecting road on which the future toll booths will be located and which will ensure the communication of the main road M17 and the A1 motorway.

The tunnel is worked in three shifts, while the route is worked in one shift.

According to the contractors, the dynamics is at a satisfactory level, and the completion of works and commissioning is expected in early summer 2022, writes.


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