High Representative Inzko sends Farewell Message to Citizens of BiH (video)

At the end of his 12-year mandate in our country, High Representative Valentin Inzko said goodbye to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a farewell message.

“Our common house is called Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is larger than the three countries combined, Belgium, Slovenia and Luxembourg. There is room for everyone, if the family is not angry. A common house must be based on sound foundations, primordial trust, a good neighborhood and mutual respect. The house should be built on the truth, and it is not equal to nothing, but we must be equal to it, “he said.

Truth is the basis for justice, he added, saying we all want to live in a normal state. He says he liked meeting ordinary people, especially those who did not allow themselves to be poisoned by national policies.

“BiH still has an exceptional potential for goodness. The hatred here is not specific to this man, but only a lot of diversity in one place. There are people in this country who can be evil and wicked, comparable to the dark types that Ćopić, Kulenović wrote about. , Andrić … Here I experienced such humanity, generosity, breadth of soul that can rarely be found, but also such evil as nowhere else “, he stated.

In the end, he says he leaves not completely happy, aware of his limitations and the institutions he represented, but truly grateful to the people of this country, Klix.ba writes.

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