When is the best Time for Rafting on Tara River?

Home to the rugged Dinaric Alps, one of the last primeval forests in Europe, and whitewater galore, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is heaven for adrenaline junkies. This adventure starts on the Tara River, known as the Grand Canyon of the Balkans.

The Tara is a river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It emerges from the confluence of the Opasnica and Veruša Rivers in the Komovi Mountains, part of the Dinaric Alps of Montenegro. The total length is 144 km, of which 104 km are in Montenegro, while the final 40 km are in Bosnia and Herzegovina; it also forms the border between the two countries in several places.

The Tara River cuts the Tara River Canyon, the longest canyon in Montenegro and Europe and second longest in the world after Grand Canyon, at 78 kilometers in length and 1,300 meters at its deepest. The canyon is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a part of Durmitor National Park.

Tara River is navigable for boats raft for an almost 100 kilometers. Tara Canyon can be divided into two parts-the upper part of the canyon and the lower part of the canyon. There are two starting points for raft boats, kayaks, canoes, hidrospeed – and other vessels.

Most often question is WHEN IS THE MOST ATTRACTIVE PERIOD FOR TARA RAFTING? The answer to this question is ALWAYS! Maximum of adrenaline is in April, May and June, but with decreasing water level in July, August and September some of the rapids are disappearing, but new and equally attractive rapids appear which you could not see during the high water level period so that means that Tara always offers something new and we often say that you can never flow on this same river twice.

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