When will the renovated Catholic Church in Tuzla open its Doors?

The works on the construction of the Catholic Church “Sveti Franjo” in Tuzla, which started in 2011, is almost in its final phase. The universal hall and the accompanying object are made in a similar manner and style, and the official opening should be around June next year.

The Catholic Cultural Center in Tuzla originates in the place of former Catholic church, which suffered major damage due to the landslide, and had to be demolished in 1987.

So far, more than 2,500,000 BAM have been invested in the facility and when all the works are finished, the project will cost roughly 3,200,000 BAM.

The Guardian of the Franciscan Monastery “St. Peter and Paul” in Tuzla, Fr. Mario Divkovic said that more than 75 percent of the funds had been secured for construction, and that all should be completed by mid 2019, when the official opening of a unique complex is planned.

“With great joy, I announce that all the works on the accompanying building are closing to an end in these days. We finish the ground floor where the milk bar should be located, while the first and the second floor are completely finished,” Divković told Klix.ba news website.

By the end of December this year we will start decorating the universal hall, where a natural German stone “schiefer” was used for the façade and it has not been used on buildings in BiH so far.


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