When you’re happy and you know it, yell: ” Sarajevo”

The youngest fans of FK ” Sarajevo” received their New Year presents yesterday at the Thermal Riviera in Ilidža, in the organization of this team from Koševo.

Around 200 kids, together with their parents attended the ceremony of receiving presents that were pre-ordered at the Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market Fan shop.

There was also a clown that entertained children with his jokes and  songs. A song was invented yesterday, and it starts ”When you’re happy, and you know it” and ends with ” yell: Sarajevo”. The kids were delighted with this new song and joined the clown in his songs and music.

Sedin Torlak and Amer Dupovac from the team FK ”Sarajevo” attended the event and took pictures with the youngest fans and their parents. Parents were also delighted by the manifestation and were happy that so much people came yesterday to the manifestation in the organization of FK ” Sarajevo”.

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