Who benefits from Stories about the War and Redrawing Borders of Bosnia?

Stories about the war and the redrawing of borders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, even 25 years after the war, do not lose their relevance. Who benefits from them?

Bakir Izetbegovic, President of the SDA (April 20) “My father said ‘Sleep peacefully because there will be no war,’ and then there was war. I will not say that. I would rather die today than allow genocides to rule part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Izetbegovic said.

Milorad Dodik, Member of the Presidency of BiH (April 24) “I will not lead the war for the independence of Republika Srpska, but I will defend it in every way. We are for peace, but we emphasize that this is our land and our RS, and others who live in it “, said Dodik … The old story of the most influential Bosniak and Serb political entities in BiH was re-actualized by a document advocating the reorganization of borders in the Balkans, which was allegedly sent to the European Union by the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Jansa.

The worst-case scenario is irresponsible to mention in a society divided like Bosnia and Herzegovina’s, says analyst Martin Mikulic, adding that Bakir Izetbegovic is constantly and loudly rattling his weapon.

“I think there is one reason for that, and that is to stop all those reforms that BiH needs to fulfill on the way to the EU,” Mikulic pointed out.

He says that Bosniaks always talk about the war because the status quo in BiH suits them and that they want to avoid the reforms that are necessary. We heard the statement about the new war in BiH and the “genocides” from Izetbegovic at the moment when Sarajevo was shaken by the “Respirators” affair, and most of the citizens of the Federation of BiH have the possibility of vaccination only in Serbia.

Equally frivolous is the story of RS independence at a time when the entity, due to financial unsustainability, is borrowing 350 million euros on the London Stock Exchange. This is what Marko Sikuljak, an analyst from Banja Luka, thinks.

“Constant stories of war or independence, while we are indebted or unable to provide vaccines, tell us that there is a synergy of these statements, that ping pong statements and it is constantly repeated”, explained Sikuljak.

Elmir Sadikovic, analyst “That rhetoric does not bring good to anyone except politicians who survive like that. In the absence of answers to economic, health and other questions and problems, it is best to divert attention from real problems by manipulating feelings, “Sadikovic pointed out.

Although its name alone says that it is not a paper, a document that was allegedly sent from Slovenia to the EU, without a title, date and implementation obligation, can still seriously affect international relations, for which it is most often used in diplomatic practice. If the society in BiH is a fertile ground for him, then it is up to the society in BiH, all interlocutors agree, BHRT writes.

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