Who will buy Facilities of Bankrupt Construction Giant Hidrogradnja?


Zijad Fazlagic, the bankruptcy trustee of the Sarajevo-based company “Hidrogradnja”, a former construction giant, issued a public announcement for the sale of the company’s assets through an oral public tender.

This company went bankrupt in 2017 due to enormous debts and most workers ended up on the street.

According to a public announcement, the motel “Čavljak” with land and total inventory is for sale, and the starting price of this property is 1.626.631 BAM.

The Cavljak Motel has 18 rooms measuring 853 square meters and a plot of 822 square meters. In addition to the motel, the property will also include property and land in Vitkovac worth 3,856,661 BAM.

The property in Sarajevo, flats, garages, offices are also on the tender. These properties, listed under the name “Alfa Paromlinska”, are for sale at a starting price of 491,572 BAM.

The Bankruptcy Trustee seeks 361,834 BAM for the facilities at Sjeverni Logor, more specifically for land and facilities. Earlier, this company also put the property in Brijesce on the sale, Avaz newspaper reports.


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