Why BiH does not participate in the Democracy Summit in the U.S.?

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is the only one in the Western Balkans region that will not participate in the Democracy Summit organized by the United States (U.S.) Department of State on December 9th and 10th. Neither Russia nor China is on the list.

When asked why BiH is not among the participants – whether it is a decision of the state itself or a decision of the U.S., the Presidency of BiH and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not receive an explanation.

Journalists from the State Department could not get a specificanswer either, but in some way, as the Voice of America (VOA) journalist said:

Part of the answer can be found in their words that they will try to engage all countries inside or outside the Summit to fight backwardness in democracy, corruption, promote human rights,and that in the future they will try to involve all countries that accept the mentioned goals.

Serbia and Kosovo are on the list

Somewhat earlier, neither Serbia nor Kosovo were on the preliminary list as participants, but their diplomacies have taken action, so they are now on the list.

However, there were no reactions, politics, or diplomacy from BiH. The BiH Ambassador to the UN comments on the collapse of BiH diplomacy.

It is inadmissible that we are not on that list from the standpoint of our diplomacy, ie the promotion of BiH, and therefore diplomacy had to make that 70 percent effort to be on that list and come up with arguments why it would be positive, ” stated Sven Alkalaj, BiH Ambassador to the UN.

We haven’t done enough

But, less responsibility could be attributed to the decision of the U.S. and its administration, which believes that we have not done enough, especially in resolving the current political blockade. What is the basis, as the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH claims, that our country is losing its position on the international scene as well.

Insisting only on their party interests, they caused this crisis that exists in BiH now and led to the fact that our rating on the international scene has never been lower, ” told Igor Crnadak, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH.

111 countries are participating in the Summit.


Source: Avaz

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