Why don’t you go Back to your Country?

Why don’t you go back to your country? It’s apparent that people are passionate about this question.  Both, the people asking the question and the ones answering the question. You’re either on one side or the other and it always causes arguments.

Why are we here?

I was born in 1991. The Bosnia War started on April 6th, 1992 which means I was less than a year old, since I was born in June. I don’t remember much but I have read books, seen videos, and most importantly, heard from people who do remember, like my parents.

Millions of Bosnians fled the country during those times and my family was part of that. We escaped the brutal war, the most devastating conflict in Europe since World War II. We came here for a new beginning, a new life. We came here so we can have better opportunities and more opportunities.


Now, there are two different types of people living in America who came from Bosnia during those times. There are those that get sucked into the American life and become Americans themselves, forgetting where they came from.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more American than I am Bosnian because I only lived in Bosnia for 7 years, but I still know where I came from and I will never forget it. And that brings me to the other types of people, the ones that come here, take advantage of the opportunities thrown at them, all while remembering where they came from and remembering the real reason we are in America.

Here is why we don’t go back to our country

Like I said at the beginning, this question gets thrown out a lot. Let me try to explain exactly why we don’t go back to our country. Again, there are 2 different types of people here as well and those are:

The ones that don’t enjoy the Bosnian lifestyle.

These people are the ones that simply don’t want to go back because they don’t like the way people live in Bosnia. It’s nothing like in America, everything is crammed together, you won’t see nice 100 floor buildings, nice and even roads, and all other luxuries we have here. I personally like it, it’s not as “modern” looking as it is here.

The ones that want to live there but can’t financially.

These are the other types and this is the category I fall in to. I would love to go live in Bosnia if I knew I could afford it. Which is highly unlikely since finding a good paying job is nearly impossible. The only way living there would be possible is to have your own business there, or an online business where you can work from anywhere.

Think about this

Wouldn’t it be weird if we all liked the same things? What if everyone ate the same food, drove the same cars, listened to the same music, and wore the same clothes? We’re not robots, we can think on our own and make our own decisions/choices. There’s a reason we all think differently, act differently, and like different things.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you would like to go live back in Bosnia or not. Some people would and some wouldn’t, it’s not for everybody. But, that doesn’t mean you start bitching at someone just because their mind and heart work differently than yours. Everyone has the right to go live wherever they want and their decision shouldn’t affect you.

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