Why there is no Information on List of Former Veterans who received 600,000 BAM Assistance?


The Foundation for Assistance in Resolving Housing Issues of Veterans’ Populations could not provide Avaz news portal with a list of beneficiaries who received funds last year and the year before last.

They say, according to the procedures, they must get the consent of the Board of Directors, Avaz news portal reports.

And, even if they get the consent, the question is, they mentioned, whether they will be able to tell us who received the money because the Law on Personal Data Protection stands in their way.

The list has requested this list after the Federal Audit Office established that the money in the Foundation was not disposed of in a transparent manner.

Annual tranche

Namely, the auditors established, first of all, that there is no exact list and that it is then difficult to determine how 675,000 BAM was spent, which is the amount of the annual tranche since 2002.

A simple calculation leads to the figure of more than 16.5 million BAM, which went to the Foundation from the federal budget.

Even the director of the Foundation, Adem Sacic, promised to personally seek the approval of the Board of Directors, but he did not keep his promise either.

The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs of the Federation of BiH, Salko Bukvarevic, told Avaz that last year the Foundation was approved and realized the amount of 675,000 BAM.

The decision on the adoption of the program for spending the funds of the said transfer was made by the Government of FBiH in August last year. The funds were transferred to the Foundation on November 8 last year.

“The procedure of selection and allocation of funds was performed by the Foundation, which was supposed to submit a report on the realization of funds by the end of 2019,” Bukvarevic explained.

All reports on the spending of 675,000 BAM arrived by December 19, 2019, as well as the report on the work of the Foundation, which reached Bukvarevic’s ministry by January 30 this year.

“So, one report was submitted on time, but it refers only to the amount of 675,000 BAM and contains a list of individual decisions of approved loans with name and surname. However, this report does not contain all the information on how all the money that went to the Foundation last year was spent. Namely, the amount of funds that the Foundation transferred to the users is less than the repayment of loans and interest during the year,” said Bukvarevic.

He adds that the work report for this year also contains information on how all the funds were shared in the past. But it was delivered out of time. Minister Bukvarevic was not willing to provide Avaz with the lists either.

“I am not able to submit the reports to you at this moment because they have not yet passed the procedure at the Federal Government,” Bukvarevic said. Since 2002, 16,502,811 BAM have been delivered to the Foundation from the budget.


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