Wigemark praised the New Mayor of Srebrenica: He understands His Role really well

wigermarkHead of the EU Mission in BiH, Lars-Gunnar Wigemar,k said that the newly elected Mayor of Srebrenica Mladen Grujicic understands his role of a representative of all citizens of the municipality and said that he showed it by his previous positive statements.

“It is important that in a sensitive municipality such as Srebrenica, whoever is the mayor or is in the city council, represents all citizens,” said Wigemark and noted that Srebrenica, because of the events that had happened there, will always be in the focus of interest of its citizens, as well as the entire BiH and the world.

Wigemark noted that elections in Stolac should be held as soon as possible, where the electoral process was stopped on the 2nd of October, due to major irregularities and physical conflict.

“Our Croatian colleagues here in Sarajevo told us that the goal of the visit of the delegation from Croatia to Stolac was to calm the situation, rather than boost tensions even more. I think it is very important to leave the solution of this question to, if not local, then higher institutions,” said Wigemark .

He noted that the elections were under the jurisdiction of the Central Election Commission of BiH.

“If there were some illegal events, physical attacks, as noted, there are legal mechanisms for dealing with these cases. We, as  EU, do not interfere in local matters. I think it is very important that elections in Stolac get held as soon as possible. It should not be an excuse for Stolac to become new Mostar,” said Wigemark.

(Source: klix.ba)

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