Will a Skywalk be built above Sarajevo?

An initiative has been launched in the Municipal Council of Ilidza to build an increasingly popular attraction, a glass lookout, in the area of that municipality. It was proposed to be built on Igman, ie the location of the war road on that mountain, with a view of Sarajevo.

This idea was suggested by Edis Vreto, councilor of the People and Justice (Narod i pravda) party, who initiated that the Development, Utility Services, and Roads Department should be in charge of making an analysis and construction plan of a glass lookout on Igmanska cesta.

In his explanation, he stated that he believes that, by the asphalting and reconstruction of the famous war road, the Municipality should build a glass lookout in that area.

“By building a lookout, Ilidza would become one of the few municipalities that has such facility. It would offer new tourist content and provide our citizens with a beautiful view of the Municipality of Ilidza and the City of Sarajevo,” Vreto noted.

To recall, the glass lookout was recently opened in Mostar and has already become another attraction of the city on the Neretva, Klix.ba writes.


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