Workers in B&H have to prove Themselves in order to get a Job!

BiH job opportunitiesWithin the CEO Academy, which was organized from 22nd to 24th May 2015, an event called “Coffee with…“ was held in Sarajevo two days ago, at which students were able to talk with various successful persons from business world in BiH and hear positive examples and practice to succeed in the business world.

As the director of FACE TV, Fedja Hadzifejzovic, said, he relayed advices to students to participate on such conferences, because this is where they acquire experience and knowledge.

“All employers are looking for good workers, it is important for them to prove themselves“, added the director of FACE TV.

According to the words of the director of the PI Employment Service of Sarajevo, Igor Kamocaji, CEO Academy recognized the importance and the role of the Service in providing information.

The director of the PI Employment Service of Sarajevo invited students to become partners of the Service through consultations and talks.

The Head of IT Service in the PE Highways of the FB&H, Adnan Strojil, said that students were interested in IT service.

At the mentioned event, following persons relayed advices to students: Damir Imamovic, Milad Cerkic, Belma Tvico-Stambol, Igor Kamocaji, Azra Atagic-Catovic, Fedja Hadzifejzovic, Adnan Strojil, Almir Badnjevic, Aida Sujoldzic, Faruk Sehic, Maja Arslanagic-Kalajdzic, Emir Nuhanovic, Selma Berisalic Starfinger, Elvis Pivic, Damir Masic, Alisa Vrabac and Amna Popovac.


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