Works on Expanding Border Crossing Gradiška Began

gpIn the next few days works on the expansion of the border crossing in Gradiška should begin, through which exports of plant and animal origin could pass through and enter the EU market after Croatia joins the EU on 1 July.

The Mayor of Gradiška Zoran Latinović Fena agency that the concluded tender was signed by the BiH Indirect Taxation Agency, and after the holidays it is expected that the contractor for the extension of the passing would be introduced, as well as some adjustments to the city’s infrastructure in order to divert freight traffic.

At the last session of the BiH Indirect Taxation Agency was an initative of the municipality to access expansion and customs terminals.

Immediately after the holidays the completion of discussions on the expansion are expected, in order to allow sufficient time for completion by 1 July.

“This would provide time to find what is currently lacking in lending all possible services to drivers’’, said Latinović. He said that the local government is making all efforts to overcome the current situation, and it has been shown that it is possible to form cooperation at all levels of government so that after 1 July, there would not be an ugly picture.

There is hope that all started projects would be successfully completed, with all the limitations, financial and other conditions.

Latinović said that the local government in Gradiška initated a number of activities in order to avoid the possible collapse and problems that could arise after 1 July at this border crossing, will be carried out.

The Mayor of Gradiška said that the current local government has achived good cooperation with a number of institutions at the entity and state level, first of all with the BiH Taxation Agency, with whose leadership have agreed to take action and prevent possible traffic problems and at this passing that is found in the center of the municipality.

“It was agreed that the expansion of the crossing for another traffic lane, and the separation of freight from passenger traffic and the construction of a new customs terminal to numerous trucks, which now, due to the small capacity of the existing customs terminal, are printed on local streets in the city, are focused on brand new customs terminals’’, said Latinović.

There was an agreement on the constrction of a ring road in order to merge the existing Banja Luka-Gradiška highway and new motorway of Banja Luka-Gradiška.

This would transport ‘heavy’ trucks for this highway.

Latinović highlighted the establishment of good cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communication of BiH and Resource Minister Damir Hadžić, who promised help in the construction of the city bypass, and which requires significant financial resources.

He said that the local government has good cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the RS, which approved 400.000 KM for the modernization of the current highway from the city to the highway, in order to construct a sidewalk and street lighting, which would increase the safety of citizens at this very busy street.

He hopes that in the next two months the realization of this project would be realized.

However, potential traffic problems could arise, because everything that is done in one part could alleviate the existing traffic problems.

A permanent solution is to build a new bridge on the Sava river near Gradiška, on the route of the highways Banja Luka- Gradiška, which would forestall long-term traffic problems in this city, and in whose center the current border crossing with Croatia exists.

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