Yellow Meteo Alert issued for BiH

Due to precipitation and thunder, a yellow meteorological alarm is in force in most of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thunderstorms are expected in the Sarajevo region, and more intense precipitation is possible locally, followed by hail.

“Expect less interference in outdoor activities. Be aware that thunderstorms may occur. Be especially careful in exposed areas, such as mountains, forests and open terrain. Interference in outdoor activities is possible,” the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute of BiH warned.

Locally intense precipitation accompanied by thunder is expected in the Tuzla, Banja Luka, Foca, Trebinje and Visegrad regions.

At the same time, thunderstorms are forecast in the Bihac, Livno and Mostar regions.

Moderate to mostly cloudy and unstable weather with showers and thunderstorms will prevail in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Locally, more intense precipitation is expected, followed by stronger winds, and in some places the appearance of the city is possible, mostly in the morning and before noon.

During the day, gradual cessation of precipitation and reduction of clouds. Wind weak to moderate, north direction.

Morning temperature from 12 to 18, in the south to 20, and the highest daily from 20 to 26, in the south of the country up to 30 degrees Celsius.

It will be mostly cloudy in Sarajevo. Rain is expected in the morning and before noon. Morning temperature around 13 and highest daily around 23 degrees Celsius.

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