Young Bosnian is making Unique Lamps and selling to European Countries


Ranko Lukic, a twenty-seven-year-old man from Doboj, followed his creative path after he left the college although he was a good student, and he worked as a waiter to get some time and earn some money in order to turn some of his creative ideas into reality.

His workshop called Nusart was created over time, and he is making functional and decorative things in it. The real stars of his workshop are lamps.

“I always knew that I have that line of creativity in me and I realized that I want to create original things. I started making some of the decorative stuff for Valentine’s Day, March 8, and I even created a few details for catering facilities as well. People liked it, and thus I decided to start dealing with it more seriously,” stated Ranko.

However, he is currently mostly focused on making lamps from his favourite material – wood.

“I love wood and that entire process in which something beautiful and functional is created from the ordinary piece of wood. Maybe it seems to some people that it is easy to make these lamps, but I am a perfectionist and this entire process requires a lot of work, dedication and especially creativity,” said this young man.

His lamps went to Doboj, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica, Zagreb, Trebinje, and there were numerous order inquiries from Serbia, Croatia and other European countries.

Ranko explained that, the most important thing for him is that people really like what he is doing, that Nusart lamp makes someone happy, and reminds him of something beautiful. His plan is to create a real brand, and although he is well aware that it requires a lot of time, effort, work and learning, he claims that he is ready for it.


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