Young Doctors: The Reward for Engagement during a Pandemic is Non-Renewal of our Contracts

A group of young doctors whose contract was not renewed after their internship expired, which left them without a job and sent them to the bureau of unemployment, wrote an open letter to the authorities in the Government of Canton Sarajevo (CS) asking for an explanation for such actions.

As they noted in the letter, in this way they want to express deep disappointment and dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities in the CS Government towards young doctors who, as they told, stood on the front lines during the most difficult times of the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

“After just graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, as the first work experience, we were faced with a great challenge, which the whole world is struggling with.  Nevertheless, we did the best we could, putting ourselves at full capacity at the CS Health Centers, General Hospital “Prim. dr. Abdulah Nakas”, the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid of CS, in which we signed contracts for three or six months,” as was said in the letter to the CS Government.

As a thank you note and a reward for that engagement, as they state in the letter, they did not get a renewal of the contract, which would help them acquire the conditions for specialization and thus continue their careers in their city and their country.

“So, at a time of global health crisis, you have decided that there is no need for doctors!? At the same time, all countries in the world are doing their best to keep all human resources in the health sector. We did not know we are such a rich country that can so cheaply sell the currently most valuable and most needed staff to other states. During our engagement, on several occasions, CS Government officials, the CS Prime Minister, as well as the CS Minister of Health, made empty promises that the contracts of young doctors would be extended. At the sessions of the Assembly of CS and in the interviews, minister Vranic always answered in the affirmative to the question of extending our contracts, only to eventually turn a deaf ear to them,” as the doctors told.

Furthermore, they stated that the Prime Minister of CS, Edin Forto, wrote an interesting status on his Facebook page, which says: “It is crucial that we keep all human resources from the health sector in the fight against the pandemic.”

“After such populist statements, they both do the opposite and cowardly absolve themselves of responsibility, letting young doctors lose their jobs. We are very sorry that our politicians are engaged in populism and focus their health policy only on opposing the director-general of the Sarajevo University Clinical Center (KCUS), not realizing that they are losing young staff in this way, because everyone has had enough of political fights to the detriment of patients, but medical students and young doctors as well. Also, the personnel policy you pursue is very poor. Aware of the value of an anesthesiologist, we cannot comprehend by what logic can fund be found for 13 anesthesiologists, and for young doctors, some of whom could become anesthesiologists in five years – there are no funds. According to which open competition and according to whose systematization of work will the “legal” General Hospital have these anesthesiologists so that 28 anesthesiologists will work in 6 operating rooms in that institution, while young doctors go to the bureau? “, the signatories of the mentioned letter ask.

In the end, they sent a message to the authorities in the CS Government not to worry and emphasized that they will not be forgotten.

“We will send you postcards from different cities around the world, where they will welcome us with open arms, and where we will have the opportunity to progress, and where they will know how to appreciate and reward our work. With this behavior, you will enrich Germany, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Norway, the United States, and many other countries by giving them doctors of medicine. We believe they will be grateful. On behalf of a group of doctors who did not get the renewal of contracts, on behalf of our parents, who educated us, on behalf of our families, our children, on behalf of patriots and those who fought for this country, and (finally) on behalf of all countries in which we will continue our work – shame on you! ” it was concluded in the letter of the young doctors to the Government of CS, Klix.ba writes.


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