200 BAM Banknote, with modern Design, has been officially put into Circulation 19 Years ago

The 200 convertible mark banknote, with modern and impressive design, has been officially put into circulation on 15 May 2002. The design of the banknote with the highest denomination of the local currency was made by a well-known Austrian designer Robert Kalina, whose works also include the design of the euro banknotes and banknotes of some other countries.

The portrait of Ivo Andrić, a well-known writer and Nobel prize winner for literature, is dominating in the face of 200 BAM banknote, while the Drina bridge, a motive from his novel the “The Bridge on the Drina” is on the back side of the banknote. The 200 BAM banknote is unique, because, unlike lower denominations, it has been printed in one design version for entire BH. Latin and Cyrillic alphabets are equally used in this banknote.

The banknote was printed in Austrian company Oesterreichische Banknoten und Sicherheitsdruck GmbH (OeBS) and it has seven security features which can be checked without the use of equipment, i.e. intended for check by citizens: water mark, security thread, see-through feature, intaglio print, iridescent thread, latent number and optically variable ink. Besides those, there are also other security features which can be checked by appropriate equipment, such as micro text, and ultraviolet and infrared features.

A silver foil with embossed coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina is also included in the face of the 200 BAM banknote, which makes the recognition of this banknote easier for the blind and partially seeing persons.

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