American Soldiers arrived in Sarajevo to take part in the “Immediate Response 2021” Exercise

American soldiers have arrived in Sarajevo to take part in the “Immediate Response 2021” exercise, which will be held at the Manjaca and Glamoc training grounds, as well as at the barracks and Dubrava airport.

The American soldiers arrived in Sarajevo on a civilian plane from the USA, flying over Germany, and were immediately escorted by members of the Military Police of the Armed Forces BiH to the training ground Manjaca.

A total of about 500 members of the BiH Armed Forces and about 700 American soldiers will take part in the exercise at the Glamoc, Manjaca training grounds and the Dubrava barracks and airport near Tuzla.

“We see the arrival of American soldiers for a joint exercise with the BiH Armed Forces as a confirmation of the strong commitment, support and assistance of the United States to the process of further consolidating peace and stability in our country and the wider region.” And we are extremely grateful to all of them for that, “said Minister Sifet Podzic. I am glad that BiH has been recognized through this exercise as a constructive member of the Euro-Atlantic community with which we share not only the same security challenges, but also common values, and here is the responsibility for facing potential threats.

Therefore, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be proud of all members of the AF BiH and their participation in this exercise, the minister said.

In his address, US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson pointed out that this will be the largest military exercise of the US and BiH Armed Forces so far and that it represents an excellent training opportunity for both countries.

“Over the next few weeks, the US Armed Forces will work together with the BiH Armed Forces to demonstrate readiness and interoperability with NATO and allies. I am glad that we can cooperate in this way as well, “concluded Ambassador Nelson.

Exercise “Quick Answer 21” was approved by the Presidency of BiH in February 2020. It is part of a large multinational exercise “Defender Europe 21” conducted by the US Armed Forces Europe and Africa Command, connecting four different exercises on European soil.

It is about a total of about 28,000 participants in four related exercises, which will be held at 31 military training grounds in 12 countries, with the participation of armed forces from a total of 27 countries.

Photo: Fena

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