Young Girls attended online Courses and Workshops in SPARK

Young girls participating in the SPARKreatorice project advance each day in expanding their knowledge of programming, electronics, and robotics. After the SPARK school team held workshops and online education for them and their teachers, it was time for the competition. In the past week, 20 schools participating in the project organized the first round of competitions where girls could show what they learned during their education. Three more rounds of competitions will soon be held, after which the two-best ranked girls from all 20 schools will participate in the national competition. The organizer of the national competition is SPARK school and it will be held in Mostar in October this year. The main goal of the SPARKreatorice project is to motivate girls to be more active in programming, electronics, and robotics. Thanks to the US Embassy in BiH, 200 girls from 20 primary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina have the opportunity to learn programming and electronics using mBot educational robots. Schools have a great influence on the perception of students for the choice of future professions. By participating in the project, schools and teachers have shown that they really want to motivate students for future jobs. This and similar projects will certainly help make the unemployment rate of women as small as possible. Keep track of all SPARK school activities on the website and keep up to date with the latest workshops and projects.

(Source: spark)

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